SGA on waste and quality losses

Consultant: Carla Latijnhouwers
Profile: Senior Consultant
Type of project: SGA on waste and quality losses
Project period: 2012

Company profile & environment

The Customer a globally-active company that manufactures films and nonwovens. Around 3,000 employees in 23 locations set high standards in quality, innovation, and customer service and ensure that the Group will continue to occupy a leading position in the European plastics industry for many years to come. At one location in Germany, this project is done.

Identified needs

  • To reduce the waste rate in the finished material
  • To improve cooperation within the production team
  • Standard work within all the shifts

Advice, set-up & support

  • An SGA with a team of members of all the 4 production shifts is done
  • Analysis of the problem
  • Implementation of the measures by the team
  • Measuring and Standardisation by the team