Consulting & Coaching


Some examples:

Auto motive factory: Build up a continuous improvement program to reduce costs.
Implemented the first steps of this program (saved 450k€ by reducing failures, short stoppages and quality losses) and trained a coordinator for proceeding the following steps.

Design factory: Accompanying a company into a team-oriented organisational structure.

Food factory: World-Class-Performance Program implemented, in which all employees (management and shop-floor) are involved.

Milk-proteïn factory: Assignment giver of new installation, coach for production-leader and coordinator
for steering committee and improvement teams.

Vegetable-factory: Accompanied two improvement teams and reduced downtimes with 33% and reduced quality losses with 75%.

Food factory: accompanied an improvement team by developing the new maintenance-organisation.

Sugar-factory: transferring 24 employees into their new factory due to closure.

Concrete factory: Improved the gully-machine by standardisation and 5S, so that a 10% production increase is achieved.

Floor company: accompany an improvement team and reduced 20% waste.

Cardboard factory: SMED-Analysis accompanied and achieved 59% reduced change-overtime.